St Mina Church of Holmdel NJ, Phase II

Lot Size:                                                9.6 acres
Total Building area:                          19,128 Sq Ft
Phase I:                                                  8,228 Sq Ft
Phase II                                                  10,844 Sq Ft
Construction Cost:                             $ 7M+
Exterior cladding:                               Brick and stone by Ariscraft
Windows:                                               Custom by Sussman Inc.
Domes:                                                   Metal by  Radius Track Corp.

This is Phase II, Phase I is completed on July 1997, to be built in 2001. Parishioners are using the Community Hall temporarily as a place of worship until Phase II is constructed. The architecture style, material and color selection of the building are designed to give a Coptic Style character familiar to the users with a consideration to the flow of circulation to and from Phase I, and to allows the building to melt within the surrounding architecture in accordance to Holmdel Township Panning Board Regulations

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